BlackDog Double Ended Lead (2.2m) - Mini

  • $39.30

Double Ended Lead (Mini) - 12mm wide, 2.2metres long & has 3 D Rings along the lead's shaft.
Mini Snap Hook on each end.

An extremaly versatile lead design, it is length adjustable, can also be used as a temporary tether or to connect from a harness to collar etc.

Care should always be exercised when tethering a dog, to make sure the dog is safe and supervised, that pathways are not restricted by the tethered dog (not all people are comfortable near dogs) and keep in mind that an agitated dog could easily chew through any lead to escape.

**The Double Ended Lead is available in a pack with a Balance Harness for a discounted rate.  Please contact us if you are interested purchasing the pack.**

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