About Us

SkinnyDog Pet Treats is one of Australia's only 100% ethically sourcing treat companies. ALL SkinngDog ingredients are either Free Range, Grass Fed, Organic and/or Sustainably Sourced. 

Danielle and Sarah, the founders of SkinnyDog Pet Treats, have been making dehydrated treats for their own dogs for many years now. They both feel it's the best way to ensure their dogs have nutritious, additive free treats that are also delicious and make training fun.

However, Danielle, a vet nurse, noticed that many people who came into her clinic struggled to find the same for their own dogs - particularly those whose dogs had food allergies - and so SkinnyDog Pet Treats was born.

SkinnyDog aims to source local, human grade, ethically raised produce to turn into yummy and healthy treats for the dogs and cats of Perth. Regardless of the protein we are using, we do not add anything to our products, so you know you're feeding your pets a nutritious treat every time.

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