"Our first time trying Marlin's Pigs Ears was amazing! Both Simba (German Shepherd) and Choco (Staffy X) couldn't get enough and were sniffy around the bag for another. I couldn't recommend this product enough, so much so we now order in bulk."

- Komala


I just wanted to say that our American Staffy's (Apache and Panda) loved us for days after we brought home Silas' Kangaroo Jerky and Zephyr's Porky Chews. The Porky Chews especially were a massive hit. We'll definitely be ordering more and avoiding those highly processed snacks from the supermarket from now on.




My puppy, Hurley, and I were lucky enough to attend the Glen Forrest guided adventure walk today hosted by Danielle & Sarah from SkinnyDog Pet Treats. It was a perfect way to combine socialisation for our dogs with basic training while allowing them to explore our great outdoors, gaining confidence in the process. Danielle & Sarah were on hand to answer any questions we had relating to our puppies, as well as taking us on a gorgeous hike through bushland most of us had never been through before. A very pleasant way to spend a Sunday morning, I have no hesitation in recommending one of these events to anyone looking to spend quality time with their pooches. We are looking forward to our next adventure already!



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