At SkinnyDog Pet Treats, we have committed to making our business as sustainable as possible.  Using Bea Johnson's 5R model, we aim to minimise the waste produced by SkinnyDog and provide our customers with products that are tasty, healthy and environmentally conscious.

While there are still some areas in which we would like to improve, SkinnyDog Pet Treats is well on the way to providing a minimal-waste solution to pet food.

Jar and Bag Return Program

Our jar and bag return program has been in operation for over six months now, and we're pleased to say that as of July 2018 over 100 jars have been returned to us to be reused.  That's 100 jars that haven't ended up in landfill or even needed to be commercially recycled.

All the glass jars for our nutritional supplements and the bulk order calico bags are part of our Jar and Bag Return Program. All a customer needs to do is let us know that they have jars/bags to return and we will organise a suitable drop-off location.  When we receive the jars or bags in clean, re-usable condition we will provide the customer with a code, which entitles them to a discount off their next order.

For each jar or bag you return, you will get $2 off your next order!

Once the jars and bags are received by us, they are washed, sterilised and ready to be repacked with the next order. 

Bulk Purchase

One of the easiest ways to minimise excess packaging is to buy in bulk.  SkinnyDog offers bulk quantities on all its dehydrated products for retail buyers, not just wholesalers.  This includes 1kg bags of all our jerky and 20 or 50 packs of our chews (including salmon skins and big fish). 

Small Treat Bags

The remainder of our treats are packaged in kraft paper bags from Detpak's I Am Eco range.  These bags are compostable in most domestic composting systems (with the tin tie removed), and can also be recycled. 

For more information on this packaging, check out the website: 

If you aren't able to compost at home in Perth, consider contacting Kooda for a composting solution: or most perth suburbs now have FOGO bins where you can also place all our packaging.

All carry bags provided by SkinnyDog Pet Treats are also made from brown paper and can easily be recycled, composted or reused.

Raw Food Packaging

All our raw food items come in compostable or reusable packing. We understand that not all suburban back yards have compost bins, if you are interested in starting a compost bin contact your local council as they often have some great schemes in place to help you start. If this doesn't interest you many councils now also offer FOGO bins, these bins allow you to discard home organic waste and compostable packaging. it is them turned into wonderful rich compost. Did you know compost and soil can lock in 10 times the amount of carbon than the atmosphere can??

Postal Packaging

SkinnyDog Pet Treats ships all around Australia in 100% reused or compostable packaging.  This includes everything from the box or bag the order comes in right down to any paper or bubble wrap used to protect the products.  Please don't be alarmed if your order arrives in a strange box or bag.  In fact, we'd love you to join us in our move to minimise waste and reuse the box your order came in for something else!

Our Suppliers

SkinnyDog works closely with its suppliers to minimise the amount of waste we receive from them as well.  While this is a complex process, it is something we hope to continue to improve over the coming years. Several of our suppliers already provide their meat to us in reusable containers, which we return to them for our next order.  

Requests Welcome!

Would you like to explore zero waste solutions for your treat purchase beyond what SkinnyDog already offers?  Please get in contact with us as we'd love to help you achieve your zero waste goals.

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