Postage, Local Delivery and Pick Ups


Here at SkinnyDog Pet Treats we try to reduce our carbon footprint where ever possible, so ALL postage packaging is recycled or compostable. Please don't be alarmed if your order comes in a weird box or bag, it is like this so we can minimise landfill by reusing old packaging including bubble wrap, post bags and boxes. We post our items via Australia Post anywhere in Australia. 

Perth Metro Postage: $15.00

Postage to Rest of Australia: $18.00

All orders over $150 come with FREE Postage

When will my order be posted? - We try to post orders as quickly as we can, however we also pride ourselves on freshness and the best quality product we can offer. This means we don’t have heaps of stock sitting on our shelves. Sometimes different products may have to be made to order. The average order turn around time from receiving the order to posting is 2-5 working days.


We are very excited in 2021 to be offering delivery of our products right to your door!

We would like to send our thanks out to James from The Giving Goods Delivery Co for delivering all our orders fresh to your door.

Local delivery is broken into 4 Zones. Each zone has a slightly different delivery rate depending on how far you are from the Perth CBD.

Zone 1  $11.00 delivery or Free Delivery for orders over $150

Zone 2  $13.00 delivery or Free Delivery for orders over $150

Zone 3  $17.00 delivery or Free Delivery for orders over $150

Zone 4   $22.00 delivery or Free Delivery for orders over $200

See below for information on the postcodes included in each zone.



Order cut off is 7am Monday morning for all deliveries for that week. If you order after this time your order will be delivered the following week.



North of the river deliveries are dispatched on a Tuesday and East and south of the river deliveries on Wednesday. You will receive text messages from James on your delivery day with the progress of your delivery (one when he is on his way and one when he has delivered your order).



Zone 1 - Tuesday 6020, 6029, 6019, 6015, 6010, 6011, 6012, 6009, 6159, 6023, 6024, 6022, 6018, 6014, 6021, 6017, 6016, 6008, 6064, 6061, 6059, 6060, 6007, 6006, 6050, 6052, 6053, 6051, 6004, 6003, 6000, 6005, 6066, 6090, 6062, 6063, 6054

Zone 1 - Wednesday 6069, 6057, 6108, 6150, 6160, 6156, 6101, 6105, 6055, 6058, 6155, 6163, 6150, 6154, 6100, 6056, 6107, 6149, 6162, 6157, 6153, 6103, 6148, 6147, 6152, 6151, 6102, 6106,6104

Zone 2 - Tuesday 6025, 6026, 6028, 6065, 6077, 6027, 6078 

Zone 2 - Wednesday 6166, 6164, 6110, 6109, 6070, 6071

Zone 3 - Tuesday 6036, 6030, 6031, 6032

Zone 3 - Wednesday 6081, 6072, 6073, 6076, 6111, 6112, 6165, 6167

Zone 4 - Tuesday 6033, 6035

Zone 4 - Wednesday 6168, 6170, 6172, 6169, 6082



If you are unsure if you fall within these areas please contact us. For people outside these areas please feel free to utilise our free pick up locations for orders over $30. Once orders are placed you will receive the pick up location address and will then receive messages from James at The Giving Good Delivery Co in regards to drop off times on the day.



All orders containing frozen or fresh items will be delivered in state of the art thermal packaging. This means that in most cases your order will be able to wait until you get home that evening, however please bear in mind that on very hot days we cannot guarantee that your delivery will remain frozen if left out for a substantial amount of time.

 Our delivery driver will do his best to ensure your order is not in direct sunlight and is out of view for street traffic (this will be dependent on your property).

 We encourage customers to place delivery packaging out for collection when they are expecting their next order. By doing this we can reuse the packaging, which helps us keep delivery fees low but also stops large amount of packaging ending up in landfill and our recycling centres.

 We have been very careful with our packaging choices to make sure that once the packaging can no longer be used effectively it won’t end up in landfill. The card board boxes are 100% recyclable, as are the thermal liners. The boxes can go in your regular recycling bin, but the thermal liners need to be recycled through a RedCycle program. The easiest way is to send them all back to us and we can decide if it can be reused or needs to be recycled.



A minimum order of $30 gives you free delivery to one of our pick up locations. All orders are delivered to pick up locations for collection. These are private residences that have allowed us to have a pick up box for orders. Addresses for pick up locations will be sent via email once the order is received and processed. You will then receive messages from James at The Giving Good Delivery Co in regards to drop off times on the day.

Pick up orders must be placed 7am Monday morning for collection on the up coming week. If you miss the deadline your order will be processed the following week. Pick up orders must be collected by 7pm on their nominated day. 

Our pick up locations include:

Woodvale (Tuesday)

Leederville (Tuesday)

South Fremantle (Wednesday)

Karawara (Wednesday)

Hammond Park (Wednesday)

Mundaring (Everyday) orders for weekend collection must be placed by 12noon Friday 

To use a Pick up option please put the following promo codes in for each of the locations in the checkout. 

Woodvale - WOODVALE

Leederville - LEEDERVILLE 

South Fremantle - SOUTHFREO

Karawara - KARAWARA

Hammond Park - HAMMONDPARK




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