Awry's Beef Hide Pieces

Awry's Beef Hide Pieces

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Awry has been through quite a bit in her life with many surgeries both in WA and interstate. Being a big boisterous girl recovery meant keeping her occupied and her reducing her stress levels. Our beef hide rolls are super long lasting, even for the heaviest of chewers.

Awry's Beef Hide Rolls like all SkinnyDog treats contain ZERO additives, ZERO preservatives, ZERO chemicals, and are as natural as possible!

So why the fur? 

Firstly if you research how fur is removed you will be shocked. Here at SkinnyDog we do not believe in using chemicals on any of our products. However the fur actually provides the following nutritional benefits to your pet:

  • —Natural fiber
  • —Cleanse the guts
  • —Reduce worm burdens
  • —Reduce anal gland issues
  • —Chinese medicine believes you should eat the organ that you need fixing. This can help many pets with skin and coat issues.

 These pieces are appropriately 30- 50g in weight

INGREDIENTS: 100% Pasture raised, WA beef hide 

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