Choco’s Pizzle Pieces 400g (Not Quite Right)

Choco’s Pizzle Pieces 400g (Not Quite Right)

  • $30.00

When creating our Choco's Pizzle pieces we will sometimes have pieces that are just smaller than retail sale size. Here at SkinnyDog we do not believe in throwing something out just because it is a little small, so instead we are heavily reducing the price. Each pizzle piece is from our thick range and is approximately 10-14cm long. In the 400g bag you will receive on average 10-15 pieces.

Choco enjoys farm life and everything that goes with it, including snacking on the long lasting pizzle pieces whilst driving around the paddocks checking on the many cattle he lives with. Choco’s pizzle pieces are an excellent treat to keep him entertained and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

 These pizzles are super thick and long lasting - appropriate for medium to large dogs or heavy chewers.

Ingredients: 100% Western Australia grass fed beef pizzle. 

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