Christmas Advent Calendar

Christmas Advent Calendar

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24 Day Christmas Advent Calendar. 

The SkinnyDog Advent Calendar is designed to be a healthy, nutritious and enriching way to count down the days till Christmas. This calendar is made up of a selection of 6 different treats over the 24 days. The calendar packaging is made from post consumer recycled materials and has been specifically chosen to be compostable and recyclable.  Just hand your pet the package each day and allow them to rip and tear it apart to get the goodies inside. Each package contains approximately 10g of treats and are suitable for dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and ferrets.

Treats included are:

Silas’ Kangaroo Jerky

Goose’s Shark Jerky

Rossie’s Little Fish

Zari’s Beef Jerky 

Cooper’s Beef organ mix  

Scotch’s Goat Organ Mix




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