Linley Valley Pork/Boar Chunks 1kg

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Linely Valley Pork/Boar Chunks 1kg

Hand cut Pork chunks sourced from Linely Valley.

Pork, Boar. What’s the difference? Boar refers to a male uncastrated pig or wild pig of any gender. Pork is the name of the protein that is eaten. The pet food industry generally uses the name boar for any form of pork as many years ago there was an aversion to feeding pork to dogs as it was too fatty. However pork can be very lean with our pork chunks being just 3.5-4% fat. 

Our products currently come frozen for freshness, but its perfectly safe to defrost in the fridge portion and refreeze – this only changes the texture of the meat slightly which our pets dont care about like we do!

Ingredients: 100% Linely Valley Pork

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