Zippy Burrow - Piñata

Zippy Burrow - Piñata

  • $23.00

Give your dog a fiesta of fun with the Piñata Zippy Burrow toy!

This colourful and festive llama piñata burrowing dog toy satisfies your dog’s burrowing urges, helping them combat boredom and stress or anxiety. With the three squeaky candy pieces, you can stuff them all inside the Piñata Burrow and let your dog dig the toys out again and again for never-ending fun!


  • Festive piñata Zippy Burrow dog toy with 3 squeaky candy pieces for your dog to extract from the Burrow
  • Specially designed to satisfy your dog’s burrowing and digging urges
  • Help relieve stress and boredom while your pet is indoors
  • Interactive hide-and-seek toy that challenges your dog’s mind
  • Easy to use and provides endless entertainment

Measurements: 28cm x 23cm x 9cm

Entertain your dog with the Piñata Burrow for mentally challenging fun!

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